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About Us
The inaugration of Abhay Prashal on 6th December 1994 was a historic occasion. Earlier this sports complex was known amungst Indorians as "Khel Prashal".

The mighty Khel Prashal has enthralled sports lovers since its inception. Majestic, wholesome, Splendid Abhay Prashal is akin to the varid arrey of grandeur of Indore. Just as the vast expanace of growth of Indore takes no cognizance of frontiers, Abhay Prashal too has manifested commandable verve in setting up high standard of sports that go beyond the National level.

The foundation stone of Abhay Prashal was laid by Shree Arjun Singh, the then Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh.

As an Indoor stadium, it is one of the biggest in the country. Abhay Prashal occupies a locational spread of (approx) 1.50 Lakhs sq.ft., alloted by the government of Madhya Pradesh. Within its locale indoor games like - Table Tennis, Badminton etc. can be very well organised.

Besides indoor games of National and International levels, Abhay Prashal also acts as a perfect address for musical concerts, cultural programs, academic, scientific conferences and exibitions.

The strucutural design of table-tennis stadium is in such a way that other games like badminton, basketball, lawn tennis can also be played.

Abhay Prashal has evolved as a radiant halo around sports, Indian heritage and culture. Its versatility will offer unique apportunities to the youth in M.P. for the allround development of their personality.

Indore, being by far, the most beautiful town in the state, "Abhay Prashal" is another feature in the cap of Indore with its architectural beauty.