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Are coordinator for complete development of Abhay Prashal Sports Club and 1000 seated fully Air conditioned Auditorium, their portfolio's covers as under:
1. Development of Club concept.
2. Preparation of club by-laws, rules and its modus of operandi.
3. Short listing , Selection & Appointment of Consultants and Architects from India level.
4. Finalization of drawings, layouts and approval from local Authorities.
5. Preparation of estimates/ budget for actual working and banking.
6. Monitoring the execution of construction as per drawings.
7. Awarding of contracts to various Civil, Electrical, Fabricators , Interiors & HVAC Contractors.
8. Verification of material requirement , its various sources & further negotiations.
9. Placement of final purchase orders.
10.Auditing, verification & recommendations of bills for final payments.
11.To coordinate with trustees and executive committee up till smooth operations and running of the club & auditorium.

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